Saturday, October 8, 2011

FAR3 Color Tuner

Although FAR3 haven't been officially released, you already can get some builds here.

For those who doesn't know it's free (BSD-like license) console file manager for Windows, like Total Commander. Besides of the freeness it has a big amount of plugins for almost every business. Earlier all they could be get from the plugring but now it seems that not all authors use it. You can also find plugins on the forum but you probably have to know Russian :).

One of the main (at least for me) feature of the 3.0 version is truecolor support (with ConEmu ONLY. I use "Maximus5" version).

FAR3 Color Tuner program provides quick and easy color control. It can tune standard colors and file highlight colors:

You can load, save, export and import colors.

All colors are being converted to truecolor.

Attached config have the following colors:

Download FAR3 Color Tuner v0.1 with sqlite library (341 KB)

Download FAR3 Color Tuner v0.1 Sources (29 KB)

P.S. The program is written on .NET 4, you can get it here.

UPDATE: FAR3 changed its config format since build 2461. User FAR3 Color Tuner v0.2 with this and later builds.

Download FAR3 Color Tuner v0.2 with sqlite library (343 KB)

Download FAR3 Color Tuner v0.2 Sources (29 KB)

Preventing of Submiting JQuery.UI Dialogs on Return

Look at the usual JQuery.UI dialog example. It works the same way as the official site example - you can press Enter in the fields and nothing will happen. But check out this one. It submits the form (dialog).

You may think that the workaround is to add a hidden input field:

<input type="hidden" />

but it doesn't work. Adding the normal text input hidden by css will help:

<input type="text" style="display: none;" />

Another way is to remove the <form> tag, but it isn't suitable if you have many fields and want use serialize.