Sunday, June 27, 2010

uTorrent DHT Patcher

Some time ago I required to download a torrent from a private tracker but I didn't want to lose my rating. So, I decided to remove private tracker from the list and enable DHT. There was a one problem - I couldn't do it - "Enable DHT" checkbox was disabled!

Within five minutes I found several patches to fix it, but there was no patch for the latest version. So, I wrote my own patcher to do it automatically.

And here I'm glad to announce it for you too! :) It searches for the "private" string, then for reference for it and then for "je" in next 50 bytes.

uTorrent DHT Patcher 1.1 (5 KB)

uTorrent DHT Patcher 1.1 with UPX 3.00 (258 KB)

1 comment:

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